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  1. For a while now time has been grinding along, days abnormally long and my life has been measured in the accumulation of boxes. Now, today, its two weeks till we go and I lay awake for a while, thinking everything through.

What’s interesting is the lack of panic and stress. But, we had it in spadefuls at the beginning, what with the first buyers pulling out, then finding our house didn’t have building regs and what have you.

I am quite fascinated by the process. We’ve seen lots of friends, kind of said goodbye:’ oh, I can’t say goodbye, lets just say see you soon’ mwah, mwah sort of goodbyes. I’ve done lots of chatting to my lovely neighbour over the fence, gossiped a bit, ladies who lunched a lot and also had a glorious day at The American museum


I’m detecting poignancy in my thoughts now, an awareness that alot of what I’m doing might be for the last time…for a while at least. I guess I also want to say that our Bath life has been wonderful and would have been good enough for the rest of my life, but moving somewhere else was always on the cards once our last bird flew the nest. Heigh ho, moment of reflection is over, lets pour another glass of rosé:

The bureaucracy mountain has been scaled and we, touch wood, feel on top of things. We even have booked a car to hire for a month or two from Super U, our local supermarket. We have got so used to our life of convenience here that it seems impossibly quaint that the supermarket shuts for two and a half hours for lunch!!

Off to Vintage Nostalgia Festival tomorrow, in Bluebell, clutching my homemade bunting and a bottle of Pimm’s in either hand. I’m reading The Essex Serpent, for book group on Monday and will take that with me as well. A few days lazing aound sounds brilliant to me. Got my tea dresses and dungarees and bandana all ready to be packed..

Then, crazy last minute packing when we get back?? Liam is off to Tallin to see Rammstein with our eldest and me, more slightly poignant hang outs with friends. Oh, and the General Election is next week. How could I have forgotten that? Easily actually, once you have switched off Jeremy Vine and Andrew Neil as much as I have. In Bath, you see the odd garden stake, but there is no in your face politicking. Noone seems to be doing any canvassing round here either. Mind you, my garden stake gives a clue to who I might be voting for:

Heard this week that I am ok to take extra Humira with me, to tide me over till I find a consultant. I am so worried about the state of our precious NHS. And so eternally grateful for the care they have shown me. I will be documenting my switch to the French healthcare system in my blog, hoping it will be a help to someone else out there who wants to take the plunge.

Speaking of taking the plunge, I found the treasure chest that we bought the boys for our trip to Menorca so many moons ago. They dived for hours in the pool for sunken treasure ( then got ear infections 😩).

Anyway, mes amis, goodbye for now,

Rebecca xxx😆


So, with a month to go before we head off on our biggest adventure yet, I thought it was time to start writing again. It will be a way of trying to pin moments down; I am amazed that we have somehow leapt from our move being something fuzzy on our horizon, to now being something very real and happening v soon.

Its been funny talking about our plans. We consistently are asked where we are going (Gers), do we speak French (trying to but its a bit tricky) and being told we are very brave (they are very scary, them Frenchies). I don’t know if I would ask anything different, if I was the one doing the asking. 

Packing continues apace:

Its like living in a massive Jenga game. Yesterday we spent six hours trying to knock some sense into the garage, which had become our general dumping ground. It looks quite a bit better. 

I keep thinking ‘I’ll use up the bread flour and make a loaf’ then remember I’ve packed all my tins and baking sheets. We’re down to eating things that we can stir in a pan, or fry, or slosh milk over. I am really looking forwards to seeing all my cookbooks again too ( they are packed). I’m hosting book group here a week before we go and will have a camping theme, with us all sitting around in the garden, fairy lights a twinkling and with it being baking hot. Currently the weather is wet, cool and we had hailstones. I am an optimist. 

Tomorrow I will have another attempt to scale Bureaucracy Mountain. I have already sorted house insurance, Wessex water and need to tackle Gas n Electric, Council tax, DVLA etc etc

Still having a wonderful time hanging out with friends. We ended up at Bath Pizza Co in Green Park, you know, with the outside pizza oven and glorious lights? Yet again, we had sublime pizzas and are looking for any excuse to go again. 

We have no regrets about uprooting ourselves but I would rather like our friends to somehow be coming too, so we had an amalgamation of our current and new life sort of layered over each other…

The cat is expressing her moving anxiety by loving us even more than usual

 This is her, right this very second, thrumming with purrs :

Anyway, will check in again soon and hope you have a good week,

Rebecca 😄