The two French ladies came for tea and cake! Remember, the ladies we met in the cafe down the road? I had made a coffee and walnut cake, thinking it would get eaten, even if the ladies didn’t come and it was waiting in state, under a lacy cloche…and at three pm, their car chugged up the drive. They do a hand gesture here, left hand, fingers flat, like slicing the air, a bit gangsta, which I think means ‘Ooo La la’. We got that a lot, which I guess meant our house is quite large and the garden even larger (stealth boasting 🙄)! Also, they said that you can make a tissane out of this tree:

And they were stumped with this tree:

Do, if anyone knows, please let me know.

We had dinner at our neighbour’s house, really nice and checked out their new house, and played with their kitten, Jonah.

We did the epic drive to Toulouse airport to pick Youngest up, who is now with us for the summer. I am now back in Mummy mode, as well as Chatelaine of a French Mas and can be heard bleating ‘pick your towels up off the floor’ and ‘no, I don’t know where your PS4 controller is’.

The piano is now tuned, by a colourful character called Valery, with an artistic flamboyance about him. The accoustics in the house are really good. I’m looking forwards to concerts on our terrace when Eldest arrives.

I’ve finished painting the gite:

Tidied my utility room

Started painting the sitting room, from bright red to butter scotchy tones, in preparation for our new Ikea orange velvet sofas to arrive next Friday…and finally moved into my boudoir bedroom! 

I didn’t get to see the Tour de France this year, but definitely will next year. But I did meet a lot of lovely ladies at The Teapot Cafe, just up the road. It is all vintagey, with red velvet cake and bunting and a boutique rummagey shop next door, and a library. I sat and stitched knitted squares, which are being made into a giant knitted tea cosy

and was so relaxed that I ran over a flower pot and scraped our hire car. More on that story next week 😯.

We had to rescue the cat twice from the roof, till we worked out she had leapt from my bedroom window, executed a bit of a mid air twist, over a vertiginous drop, then plopped above Liam’s office. I now have to keep my shutter closed at a certain angle, to remove temptation out of her way. She has definitely got her climbing mojo back.

I bought this cookbook at the cafe. 

The author lives hereabouts and there are lots of references to this part of France. I have cooked two recipes already, including a clafoutis, using cherry plums from the garden. I have tracked down the address of a healthfood shop in Pavie, just up the road, so can work my way through the cookbook this summer. I guess I could even try to make my own tofu, but, hey, if someone is selling it? The point is, I was aware we might feel isolated, not being meat eaters in rural South West France, but, no. 

Finally, gadget of the week:

Anyone for tennis? I hear you say? No, its an electrified fly swatter! Its brilliant, and you get brilliant blue flashes and a nasty toasty smell. We have been bitten (yes, me too) and bothered to distraction by bitey flies and finally we are fighting back. 

We will be seeing brilliant blue flashes on a huge scale tonight as we head to the firework display at Auch. Its Bastille Day. Lets rain fireworks on the aristos heads!!

Till next week, à bientot 😄