We are so hot, we have only had choc ices and beer for tea.  Tantalisingly, thunderstorms are promised, but the time frame keeps changing. However, I kid you not, we lit the fire in the front room last Saturday, as there was a decidely British nip in the air:

We were told that the rhythms of the country side would shape our lives and I think it will always be a red-letter day when the sunflowers start to come out

and the ditches are dug and the combine harvesters roar up and down the fields behind our house till darker than dusk

We’ve been busy with house stuff and thanks to our local very handyman, all the packing boxes etc have gone to the local duchetterie ( dump), so we are finally beginning to claim our space. I’m painting the gite a refreshing pale blue and we went to Ikea in Toulouse and loaded up with pots and pans and clocks and fancy stuff. I’ve ordered wood for the winter and thats coming next week. I’ve finished clearing the barn, so we now have fairy lights and table and chairs one side and space for the wood the otherside

We’ve started the laborious process of signing up for our carte vitale and I am in the system now and have had my first blood test and B12 jab. Our new Doctor is hilarious; alternately mystified I didn’t know when my ops were, what dosage I’m on for my meds, horrified that we Brits don’t have polio jabs beyond childhood and annoyed at our lack of French. I am coping with this lack of language skills by throwing myself into situations headlong. Today I not only rang the nurse for my jab, but also went down and had it, in the infermerie next to the fish shop. I am copying a lot too, so if someone says, Goodbye, have a good day, then I smile and wish them the same. If I get stuck, I say I don’t understand and they’ll repeat it, slower, but kindly. 

Our various excursions last weekend were good. We met lots of English folks at Austin’s, the cafe bar just down the road and had a v nice vegetarian meal at the golf club

Hopefully that’s my review.

I have joined an expat Facebook page, with mixed results. I posted my thoughts about starting a local bookgroup, because I miss mine so bad! Here’s my fb picture for the closed group:

I have six ladies already signed up and hopefully a couple more. The issue of having men in the group surfaced, with a rather bullish exchange from a bloke on the fb page. After his v patronising comments re how I was being discriminatory started to stop being funny, I blocked him and set up the closed group. In short, a#&#@*?’s are everywhere. Lesson learned.

Eden is coming out on Monday, can’t wait, then Finn and Janne the week after. And friends are starting to make plans to come out too, and family. I want to show you all everything. Including the sweetest town just down the road, which hasn’t had its heart sucked out by the local supermarket. Its like a lego town, with signs for the florist, the bakery, the bank. Unfortunately Masseube is not in a hurry to reveal its charms and it is disconcerting to have lorries rumble down the high street, inches away from your head. There’s a really dark, goth looking cafe, with blue fairy lights, that needs further investigation though. Becky Drew will investigate.

Next week, Tour de France is in our locale ish and its Bastille Day. We think we’ll go to Auch.

That’s all for now, thanks for reading, and here’s a cheeky picture of Luna

and the hibiscus (?) in my garden